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Major Movement



Major Movement is a Massage and Pilates studio based in Kealba, VIC. Anita Brickle is a Remedial Massage Therapist and a trained Pilates instructor. 


To develop a new brand identity and a logo for the new business. Initial focus was on applying this identity to social media and business cards.


The design solution is inspired by the first letters of Major Movement – MM. 

Next inspiration was the 1 to 1 session the client will have once they’ll book an appointment at Major Movement. 


Cutting the M in halves and choosing two different colours, the focus will be placed on two 1’s facing each other. The combination of yellow and grey is rich in contrast, timeless and engages a wide audience. 

The open circle is inspired by Zen and shows the kind and warm consultations, the ongoing knowledge of the team and the diversity of the services, Major Movement provide. 

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