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Campaign Event

The Bring it Back design is a campaign event for a company to improve their corporate image and increase their sales turnover in Australia. The target audience is 30-48 years old females and males, who grew up in the 1970’s-90’s. 

The company is Foster’s. Foster’s beer is an internationally well-known beer brand. Overseas it has an image which captures the spirit of Australia (outdoors, sun, adventure, fun) however domestically the brand is now perceived as both dated and verging on 'bogan’. 

The idea was to create a campaign event around an outdoor festival to revitalise the Foster's image in Australia.

The chosen name for the festival is ‘Bring it Back’- literally meaning to reclaim the brand and bring Foster’s beer back ‘home’. From this idea came the connection to much-loved music and items from the 1970’s-90’s that would resonate with the target audience. This is a festival where all will be brought back, remembered and celebrated. Items such as Gameboy, Super Mario, old TV shows and surfboarding. Live music would be performed by iconic Australian acts such as ‘Australian Crawl’ and ‘Midnight Oil’.

Inspired by magazine layouts and advertising from the 1990’s the poster design solution uses the bold and strong ‘RBNO’ typeface for the festival title, complemented by the serif ‘Clarendon’ for the information text.

The icons and the handcrafted watercolour elements used to illustrate the poster spark childhood memories visually and connect with people’s fondness for simpler times. The association becomes an ownership of things from our past - a tie to old friends such as Foster’s beer.

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